A story of two cats

Fifi and Fluffy

There once were two Siamese called Fifi and Fluffy - at least, I am told they were Siamese, but, Fluffy!? Really! Their owner was not very bright and really only bought them as prestige symbols, so maybe that was the only breed he had heard of. Maybe they were Persians, but from what transpired, I think they really were Siamese, and Fluffy referred to their owner's brain and not their fur.

Their owner was called Little Mo and was in a rather shady business. So he had a lot of money and spent it in all the most unsuitable ways. One of the most unsuitable was to get two young Siamese and at the same time a new luxurious suite of furniture with beautiful (well, fancy looking!) brocade covers. Very soon the brocade started to look more like mohair!

Mo had to do something fast, so he called a couple of his dumber henchmen and gave them instructions to the effect - "take my stretch limo and drive the cats into the country somewhere" (No, he was at heart not unkind to animals, so continued) "Find a nice place where you can put them on harnesses with nice long leads and they can run around and scratch trees to their hearts content. Give them their supper, and then bring them home to sleep in one of my spare rooms. Do it every day."

He gave them a wad of money and the car keys and thought that he had solved both the problem of the cats developing bad habits, and getting some use out of Bill and Ben, who were really of little use otherwise.

This went on for some months until Litttle Mo's shadier dealings got found out. He went away for many years. Luckily for Fifi, Fluffy, Bill and Ben, Mo in his attempts to hide away some of his doubtful cash had opened a bank account to hide a large amount. To be certain it could not be traced to him, the account was a joint one for the two cats, with Bill (the brighter one of the two) having drawing rights.

In the end, Bill (and Ben) were not so dumb as Mo thought they were! They took some advice, bought a nice little country house for the four of them, traded in the limo for a couple of sensible size cars, invested the rest of the money in safe bonds and a pension account, and lived happily ever after.

(well, I thought it made a good story.)

Tony Batchelor, copyright 2005, with apologies to many detective novels!

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