A letter to home

from Børve to his owners, July 2005

Svenstrupvænget 3
5260 Odense S.
Wednesday number two

Dear Mum and Dad

Having a lovely time, wish you were here.

Do you remember that after you introduced me to Tony (one of the two humans who also live here), you brought into my room a girl cat who has the same sort of fur as me, but silver? Well, she hissed at me a bit, but we slept on the sofabed together that night after supper, and she was not too bad. Her name is Willow.

The next morning after Tony gave us breakfast, Willow started acting funny, and I felt that I should do something about it. So when she was rolling on her back, I jumped on her middle and bit her throat. She didn't seem to like that, and Tony asked me to let her go, so I did. Then Willow started wriggling around on her stomach and whenever I tried to sniff at her, she wriggled even harder and I couldn't work out how to get closer to her. In the end, Tony put his hand on her back to keep her in one place and then I could get a good bite on her neck. Then the most amazing thing happened! Our bodies seemed to work together and we ended up doing what the humans call "making love". Willow enjoyed it as well.

Then I got a terrible shock! As I got off of Willow's back she screamed at me and turned round to hit me! I ran away quick! It must have been a mistake though as a little while later she started rolling again and we did it all over again. Funny though, every time we did it she enjoyed it, but then screamed. Girls are strange aren't they.

We stayed together in our room for two days, still doing it. Tony said that we were very good and kept bringing us food. Willow didn't seem very hungry, so I kept her dish clean for her. On the third day, I think, Tony opened the door and let us into some more of Willow's house. I knew there must be some other cats who owned it, but when I looked around I found a lot. Tony has something in his head that lets him know where they all are without having to sniff each one, and he says that means there are Willow and 'ten' more. I have learnt all their names now and there are Willow and her two sons Clementine and Rowan, who look like her, but bigger. They call me their stepfather, whatever that means, and are fun to play chase and wrestle with.

There is another curly cat called Athos but his curls are different. To start with he hissed at me a lot, but he is OK now. Another cat who hissed at me a bit is called Zozie. At first I thought she must be sick as she has hardly any fur, but once she started talking to me, she said that she is a very special cat called a Sphynx and Tony thinks she is beautiful. Maybe.

There are other girls - Sille and Twinkle who are both bigger than me, but rather shy. Another one is called Evelyna and she says she is the only one in the whole of Denmark. Doesn't seem anything very special to me, but she loves to play.

As well as Athos and the twins there are three more boys. Omar who is all black and rather skinny - sometimes we sleep together with Tony on another sofa, but I like to sleep on the other human's lap who is called Myrtle. Strangely, one of the other cats is all over white! He is called Peter. The last one is called Oliver and he is the oddest of all. He must have grown out of spare fur from Peter and Omar as he is both black and white. He has a very flat nose and big eyes. He keeps trying to hide from Tony as he has to have medicine twice a day!!!

After the fourth day Willow stopped rolling around, so I could have a proper rest. Then I started to explore everywhere and learn how the others like to play. Their house is nice, and Willow showed me how to use the special cat sized doors that don't need a human to open them. There are two, and they both go out into a nice garden that we share. There is a bigger garden with birds in it, but we can't go out there as there is netting all round. We can also see the birds through the windows in the house.

There must be something odd about girl cats - three days ago Evelyna started rolling around. I went to see if I could help, but Tony and Myrtle put her in another room I haven't seen yet and can't get to. Sometimes we change around and I stay in my room for a bit. Oh well - if she is so special - leave her to it!

One day Tony took me to a vet - ugh! They say I am a blood type B, if you want to know.

Do you want me to live here always? You haven't sent me anything, but Tony says that you are OK and one day he will take me back to you. I really hope so.

They have taken some photos of me for what they call an album. I will ask Tony to put the place where it is so you can see me and remember what I look like

Much love from your Børve

Here is the place from Tony - tamstudi
He says you have to go to a computer like his and look for my name on the picture.

(After three weeks Willow was definitely pregnant, so we took him home.
My thanks to Børve for being such a wonderful cat.)

Tony Batchelor, copyright 2007

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